Childishly amusing…? Just me then.

Signs like the ones that follow, amuse me greatly. It’s a basic and childish humour admittedly, but what’s so great about being pompous and grown up eh!?

Menorca seems to be a hive for good signs… we’re going back there in a few weeks, so I’ll see if I can find more!

Self explanatory
Yes! Yes it does!
He's gonna get you! (Well, obviously, if you put your hand over like that... why would you try and pet a crocodile?!) "Come here, Chompy!"
No men here, thank you. Quite right.

‘Chompy’ was the best crocodile name I could come up with at short notice… Got any better ideas?! You must!



By Jo Murricane

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There used to be a sign on a carwash on my old bus route that said WIDOWS CLEANED INSIDE AND OUT. I never got a photo as the bus was too fast but the memory still makes me cry with laughter!

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