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Dinner with Ed Miliband

WARNING: Politics(!), and dinner. (They’re not meant to mix are they??)

After the General Election last year, I was terrified of what was about to come, so promptly raced over to Labour’s website and became a member. I am not a particularly active member at the moment, but felt I needed to do something to support the party.

Last Thursday was the launch of Leeds’ campaign for the local elections, which are taking place on May 5th 2011. There was a dinner for Labour members with Ed Miliband attending as the speaker, and I couldn’t resist going along to see him speak.

The evening was… a little slow to get going! It was also a bit like a wedding – pre-dinner drinks, scrabbling to look at the board to find your table, not knowing anyone you were sitting with, wondering when you would FINALLY be able to eat, and some people partaking all too freely from the wine provided, (sadly, not me!).

However, when Ed Miliband finally took to the podium I felt that the wait was worth it. It would have been easy for him to focus on purely slating the coalition and leave it at that, but that wasn’t the tone he took. It was more to inspire and remind members about what Labour’s values are. He praised those who had attended the anti-cuts protest in London to make their voices heard, and described the local elections as the first test of the direction that the coalition is taking and an opportunity to defend against the cuts.

I know far less than I should about politics, but I think that the local elections are really important, especially at the moment. The Government cuts have to be enforced, but with a Labour majority on local Councils at least there can be some damage limitation to their implementation.

Even if you totally disagree with me, it’s important to have your voice heard, so please go out and vote!

I’m now going to retreat far away from politics… Carry on!



By Jo Murricane

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