Entering blogging land… here goes!


So here is my brand new shiny blog! I’m a novice to this blogging lark and to be honest, quite scared of it. It feels a bit like my first day at school, and I feel the need to shuffle around and look at my feet in a pink cheeked fashion.

Also, right now the ‘New Post’ button is staring at me, just sitting there with it’s cold typeface like a challenge… Enough! I must get over The Fear.

I’ve been reading blogs more and more frequently, and kept on thinking of things I’d like to write about myself, so much so that Sean’s favourite phrase to all my comments has become, ‘Jo, get a blog’. I think he’s trying to keep me quiet, and shove all my ramblings onto the internet. (If you’re wondering, Sean is my husband, The Present Mr Murricane.)

I’m not sure how this blog will turn out as yet. So I think I’ll write about things I like and do, share my attempts at photography and see how it goes!

Be kind, won’t you?!




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