Still confused about AV?!

May 5th 2011 is the referendum on the potential change to our voting system. In the run up to this referendum, I’ve found it difficult to understand the benefits or downfalls to the current and the alternative voting system. In fact, there has been little information out there at all. All we’ve been told is that David Cameron and the Conservatives says a stern ‘NO’ and Nick Clegg with the Lib Dems a gigantic ‘YES’. The Labour Party is largely split on the issue, but Ed Miliband is in favour of AV.

The only bit of information I received was a direct mailing from The No Campaign, which told me amongst other helpful tit bits, that if we voted in the AV system then the BNP would gain power, and that voting NO gives Nick Clegg his well deserved comeuppance. That leaflet went straight in the bin. (Yes, the recycling bin.) This is my main concern though; that people will see this referendum as an opportunity to fight back against Nick Clegg and his party. The issue is much wider than that and it is not a way to send a message to Nick Clegg, so please, if you’re going to vote no, at least look into the issues and make an informed vote rather than a defiant door slam like a teenager having a tantrum.

The only helpful explanations about the two voting systems I’ve found so far are through comic strips circulated on Twitter, or YouTube videos. I love the ones below! They make excellent use of the Animal Kingdom to explain the problems with the current system, and why AV could be better. Have a look. Hope it helps!

The Problem with First Past the Post Voting Explained:

The Alternative Vote Explained:



By Jo Murricane

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Yes, both are a bit longer (6 and 4 mins) so worth grabbing a cuppa for! The extra info is helpful though I think, especially for people like me who know little about it. Plus – animals! 😉

Thanks, Jo. That really has made things a lot clearer. I thought I should vote for AV, but to be honest I mainly thought this because the Conservatives and other parties who are meanies say vote no. I saw an advert all over a bus the other day that simply said “Vote no to AV” with no indication of who was telling us to say no or why we should say no. Will people really be taken in by a command from a big pink bus? I hope not. After watching those little vids, I now feel confident that it really is a much fairer system, I hope more political dimwits like me see this. Just wish I could actually vote Turtle.

People being ordered about by big pink buses – it sounds like a Doctor Who episode! Glad it helped Al. I was really pleased when I found them, as things finally made sense… can’t believe how little info has been about. I’ve seen a few ropey vids out there too, one involving raw or cooked eggs?! Now I love an egg metaphor, but even I gave up on that one… Turtle is clearly the best!

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