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The Good Life – Captain Birdseye Lays First Egg!

A few weeks ago we got 3 new chickens; Hilda, Barbara and Captain Birdseye.

Left to right: Captain Birdseye, Hilda, Barbara

Poor Henny was our one remaining chicken, and had been on her own since the demise of Captain Beaky and Penny. Since chickens aren’t very happy on their own, we decided to get her some friends. You’d think she’d be thankful, but no… Henny tormented the newbies to such an extent that we needed to separate them.

This was my Monday morning pre-work construction, which I was ridiculously proud of.

Garden cane construction, jailing demon Henny

We kept the newbies and the tyrant apart for a week, so that the new ones could get settled and used to their surroundings, and Henny could chill the flip out!

Here’s a geeky video of Mr M and I reintroducing them to each other – IT WAS TENSE:

A few weeks on and they’re settled and friendly enough, with only a few comic skirmishes…

When we got the newbies, they were at point of lay, which is approximately 16 – 20 weeks old, so we have been eagerly anticipating the time when they would begin laying eggs. Last night Mr M went to collect Henny’s daily offering and found a second egg! A Captain Birdseye egg!! It’s quite little, but for her first go, it’s pretty amazing. She did it in the nest and everything. Like a proper chicken. Murricane egg production is on the up! Place your orders now 😉

Captain Birdseye's egg on right
The proud Captain

Coming up tomorrow… Garlic!



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