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How Does Your Garden Grow?

I think my nesting instinct has finally waned, which is something of a relief! It made me nervous – I washed every item we own, hoovered, and even did some ironing (unheard of – ironing is strictly a Mr M duty!). I also batch cooked like a maniac and may have only stopped because the freezer was full.

Thankfully, I seem to be returning to my normal slovenly self and Wednesday was the first time since starting maternity leave that I sat and had lunch in the garden. It was a beauty of a day, and well worth just taking time to see the results of all the changes we’ve made out there.

Victoria Plums

We planted this tree in the spring and have already got fruit! Tiny fruit admittedly, but fruit none the less.

Mystery flower

We planted these in spring too – I have no idea what they are called, but they’re very pretty! One is resolutely facing the fence though, like the sunflowers did. Rude.

Herb Garden

I used fresh thyme from here to flavour my homemade carrot soup for lunch – hmm.

Courgette plant
Courgette plant

If you’re not sure about growing veg, or just think you don’t get much out of it, next year plant a courgette plant – you get millions of courgettes from them.

And who could forget the chooks?!

Crazy Barbara

Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells and cockle shells,
And little maids all in a row.

I looked up possible meanings behind the above, and as with most nursery rhymes, it turns out to be somewhat sinister. It is said to be about Bloody Mary, although the line by line interpretations vary; some focus on the torture and death Mary delivered to Protestants, and others Mary’s inability to have children. That takes the shine off things somewhat!



By Jo Murricane

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