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The Good Life – Trimmed Onions & Plaited Garlic – The Results!

After harvesting and drying onions and garlic for the first time this year, this is what I ended up with:

Garlic Plait - immensely proud


Trimmed Onions

I am really pleased! I honestly thought the onions would only last 2 minutes, but 2 months later we’re still using them and considering that I normally buy a bag a week, it’s saving me money and means it’s well worth the effort to grow them, (which is fairly minimal – pretty much just put them in and wait).

I have 3 garlic plaits, plus a couple of bulbs for planting in autumn – I may never need to buy any again!



By Jo Murricane

4 replies on “The Good Life – Trimmed Onions & Plaited Garlic – The Results!”

Am very jealous. I have no gardening ability whatsoever. I have managed to keep a basil plant, coriander plant and parsley plant alive for OVER A WEEK on my windowsill for the first time ever and am immensely proud. Everything I eat is flavoured with at least one of them! This is the most significant achievement in self-sufficiency of my life; it now feels a little inadequate and I’m hankering after home-grown onions and garlic!

You should be proud! Herbs in pots I always found tricky as you have to remember to water them… Outside I rely on the skies and they have a better memory than me 🙂 I will be sure to pass on some garlic when I see you!! You could even plant a couple of the cloves in late Sept. But you don’t have to, just eat it all instead! Yum.

Dammit, your comment just reminded me to water them! For some reason, the rain outside makes me think I don’t have to water indoor plants…I sense they may not be long for this world. Mmmm, delicious garlic. I recommend making as much bolognese now as you can fit in your freezer and then living off it once mini-Murricane arrives (once she is a few weeks old, that is, and heating up bolognese is an achievable goal – until then take my advice and LIVE OFF BISCUITS AND CHOCOLATE- this may be why I have yet to lose the ‘baby weight’ and Ted is 7 months old though so maybe don’t take my advice). And also, make and freeze all the other things you can cook with onion and garlic, which is of course, most things.

Thanks Jen!

Mr M is gleeful as we have a freezer drawer full of bolognese at the ready! Thinking of other things to prep too… Keep on getting distracted by cake ideas 🙂

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