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Is Omlet’s Eglu all it’s cracked up to be?

In a word: YES.

I was woken at 3am by the latest addition to the Murricane family and stumbled my way into the bathroom, still half asleep and cursing the cold. I was then startled by an almighty clatter coming from outside, which was followed by lots of squawking, gobbling and flapping from our 4 chooks. I went through to the spare room to look out, and through the dark murky night saw an enormous fiend of a fox, ferociously leaping about the chicken run, tearing at it and doing all it could to get in.

The survivors in their Eglu run

I’ve seen foxes on our road many times, and the neighbours have told me that they’ve tried to attack the chickens before, so it’s not as if I wasn’t aware that this happens fairly regularly. However, there was something really scary about actually seeing it with my own eyes in the middle of the night and being powerless to do anything to stop Ferocious Mr Fox.

I had to go back and tend to mini Murricane so couldn’t stay and watch the fate of our terrified chooks, and spent the rest of the night worrying about whether they had survived. Mr M went to check as soon as he woke up and they were absolutely fine of course! Pottering about, breakfasting happily as if nothing at all had happened.

This, for me, is why the Eglu is brilliant. It is safe and secure, and believe me, it had a proper test of this the other night! I’m sure it’s possible to build your own secure coop but neither Mr M or I have the tested skills for this, and foxes will make the most of any weakness in a structure to get at their prey. It’s brilliant to know the chooks are safe each and every night.

We invested in an Eglu over 4 years ago, and whilst it has many other impressive selling points, a large part of our decision was based on the fact that it was said to be entirely fox proof. Eglus are not cheap to buy but for new chickens keepers like us the investment is worth every penny, and I can definitively confirm the Eglu does indeed outfox this determined predator!

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My Eglu, bought third hand from EBay, has survived fox and rat attack. More importantly, so have the hens! I was unsure about buying an Eglu because of the ” middle England” cosiness attached to it, but it’s amazing. My Eglu is attached to a walk-in run, made from a glassless greenhouse, in a fenced in pen.
Love my hens, off to pick up some ex-batts this week!

Fantastic! Second / third hand is a good option for Eglus, as they seem to last really well – there’s no wear and tear on ours after 4 years and it’s been well used and dragged about the garden etc. 🙂

Omlet are fraudsters!

Bought netting from them to keep chickens within – chickens tore through it in 2 weeks. Contacted Omlet several times before they agreed to collect rubbish product and refund. Product was collected more than a week ago – still waiting for my refund. Left 2 reviews about the product with poor star rating and funnily enough they’ve not appeared next to the product – seems only the 4 and 5 star comments get to make it.

OMLET – shame on you!

We have just started stocking the Omlet Eglu Go at Sunnyside Poultry (Derbyshire), and we are very impressed with the Eglu Go for quality, durability and looks.

We have just set up the yellow Omlet Eglu Go at our premises for display (the red and green are also available as flat pack); it looks fantastic.

I have owned an Eglu Classic for 2 years and could not be happier. I purchased it after my previous hen house a (supposedly good quality) wooden one began leaking badly after only 18 months.

I am so impressed that I am currently in the process of upgrading to an Eglu Cube so that I can add to my flock. Before getting the a Eglu I was not going to continue keeping hens after my ageing flock went to the chicken coop in the sky, but the ease of cleaning the Eglu and not needing to worrying about my hen’s safety with a high fox presence locally turned what was beginning to become a bit of a chore into a really enjoyable passtime again.

I have ordered many items from Omlet and on the few occasions that I have needed to call customer services I have been really happy with the outcome.

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