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Pumpkin Patch

I promised a pumpkin post ages ago… apologies!

Sprawling plant

Pumpkins are one of those veg (that is technically a fruit?) that I presume must be difficult to grow because they look so amazing. However, they are surprisingly easy, which is a good job, as I just bunged the plant in the ground and then left it to it. Nothing happened for ages but then out of nowhere it exploded and took over the veg patch! It spread far and wide, and up and through all my leeks. I like the ramshackle way of it, but a more prim and proper gardener may not be so keen. Next year I want to see if I can grow them vertically. It can work, I’ve seen it!

Pumpkin! It worked! I'm always surprised.

Carved pumpkins were originally put outside houses to ward off evil spritis on All Hallows Eve. The carving tradition is clearly still going strong today. I saw (on the internet) that 99% of pumpkins sold domestially are for Jack O’Lanterns. Whilst I love them, and all things Hallowe’en, please don’t forget pumpkins are food, and darned delicious they are too.

I grew some Jack Be Quick pumpkins – a tiny variety, but really tasty. I got 5 pumpkins from the one plant and with them I made pumpkin risotto, pumpkin soup and just a straight forward steamed pumpkin with butter and sage – all were really fantastic, but my favourite was probably the simplest. I love pumkpin pie, but just didn’t get the chance to make it this year. Give it a go if you can – it’s basically just like a spiced egg custard tart. Hmm.

Jack Be Little Pumkins

I saved some of the seeds from my pumpkins, so fingers crossed I can just plant those next year. Well, the theory is good anyway!

Coming soon… Kate’s 50 Words for Snow.



By Jo Murricane

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