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It may be raining, but…

It is still spring! And the time to be planting seedlings. I am going a bit overboard this year and planning to fill our new raised beds with as much produce as they can take.

My window sills have been crammed with little sprouts of plants and plants of sprouts, and I have been rapidly running out of room. As it’s too early to put them out due to the devilish frosts and slugs, I purchased a cold frame. I didn’t know what these were before, but they are basically a mini greenhouse that just sits on the ground and keeps things slighter warmer and protected from the worst of the weather. Fingers crossed.

This morning whilst bub slept I turned into a handywoman extraordinaire and put the cold frame together with my bare hands! And a power drill, (managed to conquer my fear of the beast). I am most pleased with myself and quite surprised that nothing went disastrously wrong. This is the result:


So, hopefully my plantlings of red sprouts, tiger tomatoes, cauliflowers, broccoli and courgettes will survive and I can get sowing more seeds… The Good Life here we come.

I made the mistake of looking at the weather forecast for the next week and sadly it’s as wet and drab as today. However, I am determined not to be glum and with rain you sometimes get rainbows, like this one from the other day.



By Jo Murricane

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You got the drill working! Well done! Coldframe looks ace! We should get some slug pellets to run around the inside of it.

I like that you’ve got the header changing on each post by the way 🙂


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