Royally Fed Up

I am not one to put my nose up to an extra Bank Holiday BUT I also do not feel the need to have to pay for it with weeks and months of British flags flying in my face. Marketing departments have gone into overdrive with more and more tenuous links to the grand occasion of the Jubilee. Now I normally love a pun and a play with words but this event has zapped any joy out it.

Do you really, Tesco Express?

I don’t hold a grudge with any one individual of the royal family, I just don’t care about any of them and somewhat resent the grandeur that they have inherited. Yes, there are many other rich people in the world but we aren’t expected to applaud or curtsey to them, least of all when we are buying super saver beans and wondering where the next pay cheque is coming from. That is why this Bank Holiday leaves me with a particularly bitter aftertaste – people are flying their flags and lining their houses with bunting, while many of these same houses will contain stacks of unpaid bills and an uncertain future. But people will cheer Her Royal Highness with unquestioned glee regardless and despite the fact that one of her overlooked trinkets could change everything for hundreds of families on the breadline.

Well, enough with the negavity. Maybe in a few days everything will be over and the flags will disappear.

Oh wait. The Olympics…



By Jo Murricane

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I agree with thee!

I feel sick at all the pomp and the flags and the bunting. In london pubs are covered in flags and give me a really eerie sense of BNP.

People are so dumb they get MORE royalist the worse the economy gets. Im sick of the ‘people just need a party’ thing. It WEIRD. Have a party BY ALL MEANS. but why plaster it with queenie and a scary flag. Flags are threatening, Nationalism is sinister not very far under the surface.
Oh RANTY RANTY RANT!! ‘Nationalism is the last refuge of a scoundrel’

There is something menacing about all the flags. Take em down folks. Glad you agree, was worried people would just call me a party pooper. But you know me, I LOVE a party. Without flags.

excuse me, i misquote:
PATRIOTISM is the last refuge of a blinking scoundrel.
good night x

I completely agree to! Am so fed up with it. Nothing personal and I’m sure the queen is a lovely lady but do we really need everything including marmite covered in flags for months before?

Many people do brilliant jobs for years and years yet go unrecognised…perhaps we should start a new supermarket with tins of peas labelled with other men and women who do brilliant jobs….I’m sure they would love that. Right I’m off to start labelling my freezer contents x

Jo, you are so right.

It’s refreshing to read. One feels like something of a leper because I happen to be a republican and disagree with notions of inherited influence and ‘superiority’.

I shall be playing ‘God Save The Queen’ in all it’s punktastic glory in protest!

in France I once found a pack of raw veal named ‘Gaby’. I was so happy.
This is not a joke – I even took a picture of it next to my face!

So, yes, let us lable the produce of the land with the wholesome faces of the dispossesed!

Gaby veal, amazing that’s on my database definitely. I’m off to look for some Amy mince x

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