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The Launch of Cafe Moor at Leeds Kirkgate Market


Last week saw the launch of Cafe Moor at Leeds Kirkgate Market. Cafe Moor sells North African, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern street food. The stall is bursting with colour and vibrance but most importantly, flavoursome and delicious food.

The Lord Mayor of Leeds was in attendance to celebrate the launch, as was Councillor Gerry Harper, and they both provided enthusiastic opening speeches, (which Emilia rather embarrassingly for me, guffawed throughout). It’s great to see such support for market ventures like this – more please. The market is a vibrant hub of fantastic, fresh produce and new, exciting enterprises like Cafe Moor.

Sampling the freshly prepared food was a real treat. I tried a chicken schawarma, which is marinated chicken, with sauces and salad in an Arabic wrap.

Chicken Shawarma

The chicken was soft and bursting with flavour, and the meal was utterly delicious. I also sampled the mint tea, which was refreshing and sweet. The menu appears to be incredible value, with most options costing between £3-£4.50. The staff were friendly and jolly, and seem to love creating their food. And why wouldn’t they, when it’s this good?

Many market places can be guilty of hosting few quality fast food outlets. A greasy spoon can often be your only hope of finding hot, cooked food. Not so at Leeds Kirkgate Market. Cafe Moor is one of several food gems to pop up recently. Get down to the markets and give them a try. You might well be surprised at what you find…




By Jo Murricane

7 replies on “The Launch of Cafe Moor at Leeds Kirkgate Market”

Ooh, will have to give this a try.

When they set up Moorish, their delivery arm to the “empire” it was a great success – for two meals at least. I think they misjudged their menu and portion sizes and as cut the menu right back – losing some of their better dishes.

The portion sizes changed, the starters – the best bit went. We stopped using it. Will be good to try the cafe out instead as the food was always excellent.

Absolutely. Always enjoyed some hummus, veg and a cuppa at Kada’s after a night out! The food is great. Hopefully the markets is a great new home for them too.

I managed to finally get along and try them on Saturday.. What a fantastic stall! It just screams authentic street food at you as you approach it and the counters are rammed with delicious spices and foodstuffs.

I had to queue for 15 minutes to get served in a line of around 30 people and even as I stood eating the queue was getting longer! Says it all really, the people of Leeds are becoming seriously good, and adventurous, foodies! 🙂

You are so right regarding Leeds markets view on these types of stalls, and I love it. From Greek, Jamaican, Indian, Chinese, Moorish, Crepes and more coming along you can almost dedicate an entire aisle just to having great quality street food outlets, with a different, flavour packed, experience every time. 😀

Brilliant, isn’t it?! So glad to hear how busy it was on Sat. Well deserved, and shows there is a real market (haha) for this kind of street food and stall. Fantastic!

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