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Aboard the Orient Express with Yorkshire Tea

I received a beautiful hand-stamped invitation from Yorkshire Tea asking me to join its team on an adventure aboard the Orient Express. There was no way that I was turning down such a treat – when else would I ever get to go on such a train? Besides, Yorkshire Tea has always been my favourite and there is nothing as comforting, or as refreshing as a good cuppa.

I headed down to London on a beautifully sunny day and met my best friend, Gabby, to begin our magical mystery ride. Arriving at Victoria station, there were hoards of well dressed, jolly travellers waiting, as well as ladies dressed as tea pots and tables. Obviously.

Tea table lady
Tea table lady

The brass band played out triumphantly, which created a truly British party atmosphere, and after a refreshing cup of tea and of course some queuing (we are Brits after all), we boarded the most stunning train I have ever seen.

Every inch of the Orient Express has such intricate attention and detail to it. It’s of another time; a much more sophisticated and elegant time. We boarded the carriage Minerva and were greeted with beautifully decorated tables holding an exquisite afternoon tea, served with champagne. We settled ourselves in our plush armchairs, and soaked up the atmosphere.

Beautiful Gabby
Beautiful Gabby
Afternoon tea
Afternoon tea

On our journey we met some fantastic co-travellers, making the afternoon filled with laughter and silliness. It was a real celebration. Everyone was so happy to be there and the Yorkshire Tea team was genuinely friendly and happy to share their adventure with us.

Co-travellers - photo by Lynn Hill (@clandestinecake)
Co-travellers – photo by Lynn Hill (@clandestinecake)
Tea cocktail
Tea cocktail

After eating our fill of delicate, flavour filled sandwiches as well as scones, macaroons and tarts, we were brought a tea cocktail.


This is a revelation. Tea and alcohol? Two of my most favourite things in one glass! It’s called The Tea Cup and lucky residents of Leeds can try it at Jake’s Bar. The recipe is similar to Pimms, and is just as refreshing, and sneakily more powerful than it tastes. Our laughs got increasingly louder and our puns more excruciating as we whiled away the best afternoon along to the gentle choo-chooing of the most exquisite train.

Thank you to Yorkshire Tea for a once in a lifetime adventure upon the spectacular and historical Orient Express.



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What a lovely day it was. The Tea Cup was delicious and so was the tea and such great company. I can hear the Toot Toot of the train now and the smell of the smoke. Shame such things cannot be bottled and opened on dull days when a little laughter is needed. Thankfully we have pictures to keep the memories alive.

It was a once in a lifetime experience, love it. Gutted I didn’t catch you Jo but it was so wonderfully busy that afternoon – lots of tasty distractions too. Experiences and memories like these are for life….

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