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Mrs Atha’s, Leeds

It took me a while, but I finally got down to Mrs Atha’s in Leeds city centre. It’s a beautiful cafe with such style to it that it is deservedly bustling with people, yet it still retains a relaxed and calm vibe.

The ceiling towers high above giving space and air to what is a fairly small cafe. There is a downstairs level too though, much to my relief, so I sat below and enjoyed a gorgeous cappuccino. The staff are gently friendly and welcoming, making you instantly feel at ease, and the counter is bursting with refined but sumptuously temping sweet treats that are hard to resist.

Not many reviews will focus on the toilets, (yet weirdly I often judge a place on its facilities, I don’t know why) but I think that they deserve a mention. Check out the ladies sign below. Gorgeous. The room itself is slightly palatial too.

A sewing machine, just in case
A sewing machine, just in case

The term quaint is slightly twee, but this cafe has such delicate touches like the china teacup sugar bowls, that it somehow fits, yet the retro furniture and lamps give it grounding and style that is robust and always on trend.

Beautiful details
Beautiful details

If you’re feeling frazzled by a frenzied shopping trip in town then head to Mrs Athas. It will quietly calm you and set you back at ease.



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I love the decor and general relaxed attitude of the place, and the Blondie I had was delicious – but I’d have absolutely loved a slightly more substantial pastry like a croissant or sticky bun, and the coffee wasn’t quite as good as some other places in Leeds…
I’m reliably informed their tea selection is brilliant though.

I clearly need to go back and sample everything to comment properly…! They had some satisfying looking sarnies…

They really did. I was in about 10:30 (You know this, we’re married etc, I’m filling in for the bystanders) which is, as we all know, before the acceptable noon watershed for sandwiches (with the exception of bacon).

I’ve only been in a couple of times but never had the time to sit and and enjoy my coffee. My only quibble (and it really is a minor thing) – last time I asked for a cappucino to go and the chap gave me a very full cardboard cup with no lid. “They’re over on the table”, he said. All well and good, but as I say, the cup was full to the brim, so it got a bit hairy getting it to the lids!

Surely 9 times out of ten a takeaway coffee requires a lid? It’s the only place where I’ve had to go and get my own.

You should say something! Sounds irritating… and yes, takeaway coffee needs a lid. Obv!

I probably should have, but was in a rush and they were a bit busy! The coffee was brilliant though. Must make an effort to get down there for lunch.

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