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Easter Craft Activities for Kids

Easter is only a week away, so if your kids are getting stir crazy I have some great Easter craft ideas for them. (The ideas are outlined below, and you can find the methods on a post I wrote here.)

Cardboard Paint Pallete

Salt Dough Easter Eggs are easy to make, and you probably have everything you need in the house already. Emilia loved making and decorating these, and we’re going to hang them up around the house on Easter weekend.

Salt Dough Easter Eggs

We’ve also made some Fingerprint Easter Cards to post off (grandparents look away now please). Again, they’re incredibly simple to make, but are full of personality.

Fingerprint Easter Chicks
Fingerprint Easter Chicks

My last Easter craft idea is much more fiddly and messy, but all the more fun for it. Fabric Mâché Easter Eggs. Have a look at Emilia’s…

Fabric Mâché Easter Eggs
Fabric Mache Easter Eggs

I’ve written up how to make all of these Easter crafts on a blog post for Avant Homes, which you can find here.

Hope these ideas help. Let me know if your little ones make any of them!



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