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Exploring Independents in Liverpool

Last weekend, I had a night away by myself, which is a rare treat indeed. (Well, not entirely by myself – I went away with friends, but there wasn’t a child in sight for a whole 24hrs – not one of ours anyway, and that’s what counts.) It’s only the second time I’ve left Robin so it felt like a wrench, but when I was sat on the train with two good friends and a bottle of Cava things suddenly seemed brighter.

I always use my red suitcase for rare escapades away, and I LOVE it. I got it when I was about five, and it’s stayed with me since ever since…

My Red Suitcase
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My Red Suitcase

We (accidentally, but brilliantly) timed our arrival in Liverpool so that our walk towards the docks coincided with the Gay Pride parade. It was great fun marching alongside this band:

The band! #liverpool #pride #parade #festival #love #gaypride

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After ditching our bags at the hotel we investigated Albert Dock, which is HUGE. We found hundreds of padlocks with promises and memories of loves past and present. It’s really quite touching to see so many of them gathered there… Some people have beautiful, elaborate engravings on massive padlocks, but my favourites were the sharpie pen scrawls on small ones that had j