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Rainbows at The Pudding Parlour, Morpeth

Seeing rainbows, wearing rainbows, eating rainbows.

On our recent trip to Morpeth, near Newcastle, we went out for a walk in search of *CAKE*. On the way to the town centre we saw a bright and brilliant rainbow, which the tots were amazed by. Whilst I know about all the boring *science* that explains the existence of rainbows, I still find them completely magical, as do the kids.


After asking for recommendations of where to find good cake in Morpeth, we eventually tracked down The Pudding Parlour (everywhere else seemed to close at 4pm – skivers). The display inside the shop was bursting with plenty of beautiful creations, but Emilia and Robin quickly saw what they wanted.

Image from The Pudding Parlour
Image from The Pudding Parlour

Robin couldn’t believe it. Just after seeing a rainbow in the sky, there was another one right in front of him in cake form. RAINBOW CAKE. It was possibly the best thing in the world that he could have found at that moment in time! He was so excited, and shouted RAINBOW CAKEl all the way back to our Airbnb house.

Wearing rainbows, eating rainbows
Wearing rainbows, eating rainbows

Luckily, the cake tasted as delicious as it looked, and Robin had his very own, brilliant way to devour it: