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Biddy and Bear

Biddy and Bear is a creative maker of beautiful crochet items, and now she’s branching out into clothing too.

When I recently tried to get Emilia some new clothes (after she had yet another growth spurt) I scoured the shops, but came back with absolutely NOTHING. All I could find were weirdly tight, short, grown-up looking mini skirts, which might be fashionable, but they’re completely useless for my girl.

She’s FIVE.

Emilia runs around *a lot*, climbs on things, and plays in/with mud so clothing that inhibits her freedom just isn’t going to work.

Luckily for us, I spotted that local creator, Biddy & Bear, had started to make a new line of skirts, and they looked perfect. I got in touch to ask if they could make them for a tall five year old (they were mainly focussed on tots) and the friendly reply from Elinor was “Yes, of course!”.

Emilia and I went through pictures of all the gorgeous fabrics on offer and we chose Emilia’s two favourites. I measured her waist and estimated how long she’d like them, and then Biddy and Bear set to work.

A few days later, they were personally delivered to my door and were beautifully wrapped. Emilia couldn’t wait to try them on and they haven’t disappointed her in the least! They’re perfect. She’s so so happy. (I think Biddy & Bear will be getting a few more orders from us…).


It’s great to be able to support a local talent that produces such beautiful items. It’s also a relief to be able to get the exact right size for my tall lassie. Elinor from Biddy & Bear is so friendly and accommodating throughout the whole process; I highly recommend her.

These two skirts we bought were £11 each, which I think is a complete bargain!! (Smaller sizes should be £10.)  Please support handmade whenever you can, as you’ll get unique and beautiful items that the creator really cares about.

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Biddy and Bear is based in Horsforth, Leeds, but can deliver items throughout the UK if you pay for postage.