Blogging Leeds Running

Running the Leeds 10k

I’m not a natural runner by any means, but I’m running the Leeds 10k on 9th July to raise money for Candlelighters.

I’m not a natural runner by any means. I try to go out once a week, and there’s a nice 3k route that takes me up through a farm, which makes it all a bit more bearable… However, I’ve had to up my training somewhat significantly in the last few weeks because I’m running the Leeds 10k on 9th July.

Why would I do that?! I could just sit on the sofa eating a bacon butty and drinking a cup of tea instead… BUT, I wanted to do something to raise money for Candlelighters because this charity is providing amazing support to a family I know.

The Candlelighters Trust (Candlelighters) provides practical, emotional and financial support to children living with cancer in Yorkshire, and it supports their families too. Raising money is my way of helping them to continue do this for our friends, and for other families as well.

The training is going ok so far. I’ve built up my running by doing several short ones a week, and gradually extending a longer run each weekend. My longest run so far has been 6.7k. It wasn’t exactly ideal – I’d miscalculated the route, so I had to set back out again after I thought I’d finished. Also, a senior citizen gleefully galloped passed me as I slowly crawled my way up one of the many never-ending hills on my route. (I live in a terrible place for running; you’re either going very much up, or very much down – never just trotting along.) It was all a little bit mortifying and did little to boost my confidence, but let’s not forget the hare and the tortoise though, hey? (She said, hopefully).

Anyhow, I shall plod on and hope that the training helps me to complete the Leeds 10k on the 9th July. Here is my Just Giving page – if you could sponsor me and support Candlelighters I’d be very grateful!