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Baltzersens, in Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Baltzersens is a cafe in Harrogate serving Scandinavian inspired food using the best of Yorkshire produce. Sounds great, right? It is.

I was meeting a great friend for lunch in Harrogate a few weekends ago (WITHOUT KIDS!) and we had no idea where to go. I’ve only been to Harrogate once or twice, which now seems a bit ridiculous as it’s only 20 minutes away on the train. Not knowing anywhere good to eat in Harrogate, I asked out on Twitter. The first response I got told me to go to Baltzersens because it serves amazing WAFFLES – that was all that I needed to know.

(However, if you want to know more, here you go: Baltzersens is a cafe in Harrogate serving Scandinavian inspired food using the best of Yorkshire produce… Sounds great, right? It is. Oh, and they have a kids menu too, by the way.)

Baltzersens, Harrogate

It was busy when we arrived, but the completely lovely and friendly staff had us seated in no time. Then, because we were a bit squashed where we were sat, they got us some extra room as soon as it became available.

I already knew what I was having (I can never resist a waffle) but it took some will power to walk passed the cinnamon buns on display, and the rest of the food on the menu sounds amazing too. Here’s a few examples:

  • Gravlaks (cured salmon) on potato cake with a poached duck egg and sweet dill dressing. (GF)
  • Mackerel pate with rye toast, gooseberry chutney and salad.
  • Pølse (sausage) on brioche roll with pickled cucumber, crispy shallots, mustard, ketchup, remoulade & salads.

I want to eat all of it.

I chose to have my waffle served with Nutella… just look at it:

Baltzersens, Harrogate

It was as amazing and tasty as it looks, and very reasonably priced at £4.95.

The atmosphere in the cafe is lovely. It’s a place that’s filled with chatter and conversation, wooden tables and chairs, and you can help yourself to free still or fizzy water from these beautiful taps:

Baltzersens is a very happy and relaxed place to be, and as it’s just five minutes walk from the train station I’ll definitely be popping back for a visit.

Other recommendations for places to eat in Harrogate that came in from Twitter, included:

  • Bettys
  • Filmore & Union
  • Cafe Marconi
  • La Feria
  • North Bar (Harrogate)
  • Hoxton North

Clearly there’s a lot of good food to discover in Harrogate… Where would you recommend?