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Disco Dancing

A cheap way to have a proper party with the kids.

My girl Emilia LOVES to dance, and she’s developed some interesting and very original moves(!). Last week she had the best surprise – we were sent a disco ball to try out, which turned her home into a proper disco dance floor…

Ours is the ProSound Lighting 7-Inch Disco Ball so it’s not massive, but then neither is our living room. The disco ball seems a bit rickety, but does its job well and my two younglings have been having an absolutely ball with it (hehe).


We’ve even gone as far as to have a disco bath! Why not, eh? Please excuse the singing…

We could all do with more partying in our lives and getting a disco ball is a really affordable, fun way to do it. I asked the kids what they thought of it…

It’s a hit!