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Sous le Nez Chez Vous goes Nationwide

Until last week, Sous le Nez Chez Vous was limited to Leeds, but now their delicious meals are available nationwide.

Food has been an important part of lockdown. We got involved with the sourdough craze, but I’m pleased to say the banana bread passed us by… We always cook a lot, but lockdown highlighted just how much we love it. It’s a focus point for us in the long, housebound lockdown days, especially at the weekend when we create something more exciting and get the kids involved. However, sometimes, we just don’t want to cook. We want to be looked after, to feel special, and a bit spoilt; the way a good restaurant makes you feel.

Mr M’s recent birthday was one of these occasions, and we wanted something more than a standard takeaway, and so I looked at the local options for dining at home. The Owl had already sold out, but that’s when I spotted Sous le Nez’s offering. A three course meal for two people, for £55, and it’s couriered to your home, for an extra £7.50. Fantastic.

Sous le Nez is an independent restaurant in Leeds city centre that I’d always spotted, but never got around to going to. However, after our dine at home experience, it’s one of the first restaurants on my list when things reopen.

Mr M and I chose two different starters and shared them, making it more of a tasting menu. The rich duck terrine came with the best piccalilli I’ve ever tasted; sharp in all the right ways, and cutting through the meat well. Our langoustine angolloti (pasta, if you’re wondering!) with smoked coley and spring onion veloute was utterly delicious, and perfectly delicate and light.

The main course was a venison wellington (it was a generous portion) served up with earthy, beef fat roast beetroot. It was hearty plate of food that was packed with flavour, and we washed it down with a large glass of red wine.  All this was finished off with a chocolate tart and coming from a French restaurant, it was perfect; delicate, thin pastry surrounding rich, indulgent chocolate. Delicious.

The great thing about the Sous le Nez dine at home experience is that it involved very little effort from us. All the elements of each dish come labelled in pots, and there are clear instructions about how to put each plate together. There’s absolutely no cooking involved either; we just had to warm things in the microwave or the oven.

In fact, we loved our experience so much that we couldn’t help ordering another Sous le Nez Chez Vous box when Masterchef Professionals finalist, Chef Luke Rhodes, delivered his menu there. We had a crab and prawn tartlet, beer braised beef cheek, and a poached Yorkshire rhubarb and ginger custard tart. Each dish was outstanding, and the rhubarb tart was surprising because it had a similar flavour to a pumpkin pie.

Until last week, Sous le Nez Chez Vous was limited to Leeds, but now their delicious meals are available nationwide. If you want a real, indulgent treat for the weekend (and I think we’ve all earned one) I highly recommend giving it a try.