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How Does Your Garden Grow?

I think my nesting instinct has finally waned, which is something of a relief! It made me nervous – I washed every item we own, hoovered, and even did some ironing (unheard of – ironing is strictly a Mr M duty!). I also batch cooked like a maniac and may have only stopped because the […]

Growing vegetables The Good Life

The Good Life – Trimmed Onions & Plaited Garlic – The Results!

After harvesting and drying onions and garlic for the first time this year, this is what I ended up with:   I am really pleased! I honestly thought the onions would only last 2 minutes, but 2 months later we’re still using them and considering that I normally buy a bag a week, it’s saving […]

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Chicken Chasing

Every time we have to round up the new chooks, I am highly amused. I thought I’d share the wealth 🙂

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The Good Life – Garlic – No Vampires On Me

I absolutely LOVE garlic. I attempted to make garlic bread the other night but it went terribly wrong, and the result is that Mr M now has a veritable fear of garlic, which is worrying and I must fix it, quick! Last autumn, I bought some garlic for planting. I got a bit enthusiastic and […]

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The Good Life – Captain Birdseye Lays First Egg!

A few weeks ago we got 3 new chickens; Hilda, Barbara and Captain Birdseye. Poor Henny was our one remaining chicken, and had been on her own since the demise of Captain Beaky and Penny. Since chickens aren’t very happy on their own, we decided to get her some friends. You’d think she’d be thankful, […]

Food Growing vegetables Local food The Good Life

The Good Life – Onion Harvesting

When I was little I loved The Good Life and wanted to be just like the beautiful, long suffering but happy Barbara. She had such amazing jumpers!! Without planning it I have found myself accidentally steering into a slightly similar way of life. Although we don’t have the pigs. Not yet. I’ve been growing vegetables […]