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DE BAGA Goan Restaurant in Headingley, Leeds

The flavours of DE BAGA’s food danced and mingled, bringing some exotic warmth to our house on a dark, chilly evening.

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Alter Ego Tasting Menu at Salvo’s, Leeds

I always leave Salvo’s happier than when I arrived. They’ve got everything right.

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Monsieur Déjeuner, Headingley, Leeds

A few weeks ago, a little bit of France arrived in Headingley, with the opening of Monsieur Déjeuner. This French cafe is owned and run by and actual French man, who comes from the south of France. It’s a lovely spot, right in the centre of Headingley, where you can while away the afternoon sat directly underneath […]

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Sebby’s Deli, Far Headingley, Leeds

Sebby’s Deli is a cosy nook of a cafe, found on Otley Road in Far Headingley, Leeds. It’s a shabby chic place, crammed full of cook books, travel books, beautifully ramshackle bits of furniture, chalk boards, pictures and postcards. It’s intimate, but not in an uncomfortable way. People are chattering away, sharing tables both inside and […]

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Red’s True BBQ Opens in Headingley, Leeds

Whenever anyone mentions Red’s True BBQ in Leeds city centre, there’s an element of awe in their tone. Their eyes widen, their voices hush, or they go to the other extreme, becoming high pitched and almost hysterical; THE RIBS!! So, although the language on Red’s website is tongue in cheek, it seems that they may have inadvertently created […]

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Super Food at Trio, in Headingley, Leeds

Having only been to Trio once before (rather late on a Friday night, after a party and before home), I didn’t realise that it even had a food offering, never mind that it is so strong. My impressions were somewhat limited and a little hazy… so when I was invited back to try some new dishes I […]