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Ariadne by Jennifer Saint

Ariadne didn’t help Theseus, she saved his life, and risked her whole world in the process. Jennifer Saint releases Ariadne and gives her a voice, at last.

Blogging Books Children's activities Feature Leeds Review

Rainbow Factory Heads to Space

The Rainbow Factory is an interactive adventure for children that brings stories to life. (If you haven’t been to the Rainbow Factory before, read my previous post about it here.) This weekend we headed back to there to explore the new theme that has just launched; SPACE. When we arrived, Emilia immediately became shy and nervous […]

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WIN: The Street Food Cook Book

As we’re all aware, street food has exploded all over Britain in recent years. Tasty, affordable food on the go fits in with people’s busy lifestyles, and allows us to try things we may not find otherwise. Following this, late last year, The Street Food Cook Book was released. I’ve had a sneak peek at it, and […]

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REVIEW: Sophie Thompson – My Family Kitchen

Sophie Thompson was last year’s winner of Celebrity Mastershout (Terry Wogan coined that one) and now she has her very own cook book, called My Family Kitchen. It’s a collection of her own recipes, as well as ones from various friends and family members. It’s wholesome, it’s friendly, and it’s fuss free. The book is packed […]

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Antonio Carluccio’s Simple Cooking

A couple of weeks ago, I was leaving the library with tot, who was clasping on tight to her excellent choice of Moomin’s Little Book of Words. We were headed towards the withdrawals counter, (I always go to the counter rather than use the machines. I need a satisfying stamp in the front. No new […]