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    Childishly amusing…? Just me then.

    Signs like the ones that follow, amuse me greatly. It’s a basic and childish humour admittedly, but what’s so great about being pompous and grown up eh!? Menorca seems to be a hive for good signs… we’re going back there in a few weeks, so I’ll see if I can find more! ‘Chompy’ was the best crocodile name I could come up with at short notice… Got any better ideas?! You must!

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    An escape to Bakewell….

    A week ago, Mr M and I disappeared off to Bakewell in the Peak District. After some stomach clenching, breath holding swoops around the tiniest and darkest of roads we arrived in the small town famous for its tarts. Not to sound too British(!) but the weather was amazing! It was a little pocket of summer for the whole time we were there. This led to numerous strolls by the river, which had the noisiest ducks and geese I’’ve ever come across. They’’ve actually put up a sign asking people NOT to feed the ducks, as there are already too many, creating a ‘’mess’’ on the pavements. A grave problem…