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Growing Cress Egg Heads

We have started our veg growing for the year! Last week, Emilia decorated two Egg Heads, and then planted them with cress seeds. One week later, this is the result! This is a brilliant rainy day activity to do with children, even in mid-winter. Next up is carrot seed sowing in toilet rolls. Yep. (You can read about […]

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Picking Plums and Making Pies

Our plum tree is now two years old. It’s a bit squat and fat, but it makes fruit! Darn tasty fruit it is too. We got about 20 plums growing on it this year, and they each remained stubbornly green for weeks and months, until all of a sudden they were purple and leaping from […]

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Springing Sluggishly into Seed Sowing

Last year was a total washout when it came to vegetable growing. The relentless rain and the violent onslaught of slugs destroyed just about everything. It was totally disheartening. So, it’s been a little bit of a battle to get my enthusiasm up for veg growing this year, but my empty beds were looking mournful, […]