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Sous le Nez Chez Vous goes Nationwide

Until last week, Sous le Nez Chez Vous was limited to Leeds, but now their delicious meals are available nationwide.

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Monsieur Déjeuner, Headingley, Leeds

A few weeks ago, a little bit of France arrived in Headingley, with the opening of Monsieur Déjeuner. This French cafe is owned and run by and actual French man, who comes from the south of France. It’s a lovely spot, right in the centre of Headingley, where you can while away the afternoon sat directly underneath […]

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Croissant d’Or, Rawdon, Leeds

I was driving home from a meeting last week with a roaringly hungry tummy, and I was trying to get inspired about what I might make for lunch. However, I then remembered the contents of the fridge: apples, carrots, yoghurt and for some reason, an abundance of butter – it wasn’t going to be a good lunch. […]